Fiji / One Person. One Vote. One Value.

Client: Fiji / Project Type: Social Media, Branding, Advertising

Description: Fiji – One Person. One Vote. One Value. is a voter awareness campaign that centers around getting voters registered as well as promoting the new laws that all people's vote be counted equally.

Concept: Before this campaign depending on a Fijian's background their vote counted for anywhere from a fraction of a vote to more than one vote. New laws cam into play that made all Fijian votes equal the same amount. This campaign was aimed at voter awareness via. Facebook, web, and advertising. The main challenges included communicating in a country with multiple national languages as well as adjusting social media tactics to suit the needs of the people of Fiji.

Agency: Qorvis / Designer: Paul Weber

Fiji | One Person. One Vote. One Value - Commercial

Creative Director: Cassie Elliot Art Director: Lara Olivia